Greeting Cards & Paper Art

Beautiful Handmade Greeting Cards & Collage Art

Surprise your loved ones with handmade greeting cards by Kitti Touzeau of Tornheart Designs in Beaverton, Oregon. Kitti specializes in floral design collage art that functions as both a beautiful card and as a work of art to frame and display. Each design is original, created from high-quality paper and custom watercolors, and signed by Kitti Touzeau.

How the Petals Are Made

Making paper bloom into stunning, lifelike flowers requires several steps. First, Kitti paints the petal paper with a delicate watercolor wash to create a soft and shaded effect for the petals. Next, the petals are carefully torn from the paper one-by-one.


Creating the Finished Product

For a lovely contrast, the stems and leaves are torn from pantone paper, which is printed paper in a solid, continuous tone. The contrast between the solid tone of the stems and leaves and the watercolor petals is part of what makes Tornheart Designs’ products unique and distinctive.

Cards for All Occasions

Express your feelings with a memorable card for all the special events in life. Kitti Touzeau creates greeting cards for specific holidays, such as Mother’s Day. She continuously updates her inventory with new items, so check back soon.

Gallery Pieces

While each greeting card is a work of art in and of itself, Kitti also offers collage art gallery pieces. With more than 45 years of experience as a practicing artist, her work is sure to delight all who see it with its realistic beauty. Her paper designs add a burst of life and color to your walls.

Decorative Paper Boxes

Whether you use it to give a gift or to store keepsakes, you will love Kitti’s decorative paper boxes. Each bright design is unique to her store.


In the rare event you are unsatisfied with the product you receive, you are welcome to return it. Kitti offers full refunds.

Contact Kitti Touzeau to order handmade greeting cards and collage art that cannot be found anywhere else.

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